Intercontinental Dongguan

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See the new city skyline and know the true meaning of luxury


Intercontinental Dongguan is located between the four major business districts in Dongguan. As a masterpiece of the new city, it is also one of the important components of the large commercial complex Minying International Trade Center complex. The exterior of the hotel is carved with crystal curtain wall, and the interior design draws from the essence of the four major gardens in Lingnan, presenting the quaint and exquisite Lingnan culture and modern exquisite life.

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45 SQM room with Wi-Fi access. A 55-inch TV and Bose sound system are available. Enjoy a luxury mattress bed with pillows and quality linens. Use branded toiletries in the bathroom, including rainforest showers and large bathtubs, elegant Chinese furniture, and glass walls

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The hotel has 5,000 square meters of large and luxurious meeting space, including nearly 1,000 square meters of outdoor space, and with a variety of venue options, 5D holography and other high-tech audio-visual equipment, to meet the needs of different scale of conference activities, large-scale celebrations, weddings.

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The hotel has 2 restaurants with Lingnan style and 1 lobby lounge, serving Chinese and foreign food and wine. The space design is exquisite and unique. The indoor and outdoor dining areas reappear the poetic picture of "Champs Elysee Courtyard, the shadow picking fresh, the red sand garden, and the birds standing in the rock", adding interest to the time of enjoying the food.


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